hey universe.

 Anchorage, Alaska

  Work today was painfully slow. Apparently, nobody in Anchorage felt the dying need today to stop for lunch at the infamous Glacier Brewhouse, even though the blue plate special was selling for a “market price” of less than eight dollars. They´re missing out, I must say. Anyway, John kept asking me what was up, to which I couldn´t righteously respond with anything significantly more than a quiet “not much”. I explained that my life is more or less on hold right now, waiting for the grand adventure to ensue, like a camera battery charging before a million-dollar photoshoot. When he asked what the grand adventure was, I told him. And he said I should keep everyone updated while I´m gone. Even people like him who I don´t know very well, it´s still fun to read. So I thought, I should start a blog. A real public blog, like the kind everyone reads and I actually write semi-well for, one that´s actually in English. So here it is, folks. If you are wondering where Acacia is, this is the place to find out.

Departure from Alaska: 20 days. Departure from US: 26 days. Days until I ski 50 km in one day: 19.


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