the plan.


  So here´s what´s up. What´s really, really up. 

1) Istanbul. Stay with Nazli, a Turkish girl I met while living in Norway, for a week. Her parents don´t speak English, Nazli and I only speak Norwegian together and she will be at school for several hours each day, which is sure to make for some hilarious attempts at communication. I´ve never been to a Middle Eastern (kind of) culture before or anywhere slightly resembling Asia, so it should be a real highlight in the new experiences department. 

2) Wolfenbüttel, near Braunschweig, Germany. Stay with Henrike, the German girl who was an exchange student in Narvik at the same time I was. Thank goodness her parents speak English because my German pronunciation has, previously in my life, brought Germans to tears of laughter. But I have the “Teach Yourself Beginner´s German” book anyway. 

2,5) Somewhere else in Germany, possibly Hamburg, to visit Charlotte, another German girl I knew in Norway. This is unclear. 

3) Lugano, Italian Switzerland, by train, where I will CouchSurf with a student at a college I will be visiting there. 

3,5) Lucerne, German Switzerland, to stay randomly with Sebastian, this nice Swiss guy I met once while lost in the woods in Norway. Or his family, really. This cracks me up. 

4) Copenhagen, Denmark!! Who knows? I´ll figure it out. 

5) Stockholm, Sweden! Probably, anyway. That one needs organizing as well, or I could just wing it, I guess. 

6) Narvik, Norway, my home in the world. 3 months of graduation parties and glorious summer, photojournalism and staying with a whole variety of friends and host family. As a side note, I am now a part owner of a 1983 Volvo there, as well, which we will paint red and drive around the town for a good month or so in red overalls, irritating the citizens in the traditional Norwegian graduation party. And, in late June, I will hopefully attend a 5-day music festival in southern Norway involving my favorite band of all time, The Killers.


   So, for all those wondering what exactly it is that I do with my time, most of it is spent preparing for this. I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.


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