return of the dreaded parking ticket man

   I was going to write a really long, intense and hateful post about the policemen who give parking tickets to people who can´t grab a second to run out and fill the meters meticulously every two hours. But for now, I will just say, to every parking meter ticketer: you should be ashamed of yourself and your sick excuse for a career. You ruin people´s days with every slip of pink paper you greedily tuck under their windshield wipers. Stop, or be forever hated by the general public. 

  In other news, it is perhaps worth noting that I have carefully kept journals documenting the more interesting parts of my life since I was 10. I still have them all. Naturally, the blank book purchased for this trip is going to have to be a good one. I went to Barnes and Noble* today, in search of the perfect journal, and was instantly overwhelmed by their enormous selection. I stood their for probably 25 minutes in my work uniform, weighing each book in my hand, feeling how easily the pages stayed open, the quality of material, deciding between lines or no lines, hardback or paperback. The array of covers was fantastic. Out of all the glorious options, I ended up getting a classic black Moleskine notebook, no lines, soft pages, rounded corners. It´s not notably beautiful, but it feels right. 

  Due to my parking ticket, about which I am very bitter, I actually lost money by going to work today. Ski practice, however, was awesome; I flew through the entire length of the Mize Loop twice and played an exhausting game of “Catch Coach Acacia” with 9 energetic little kids. Yet another game, titled “Get Coach Acacia Untangled From The Bushes”, was necessary afterwards. 

 Departure from Alaska: 19 days. Departure from the US: 25 days. Days until I ski 50 km in one day: 18. 


*To those of you who do not reside in the United States: Barnes and Noble is, in other words, the largest and most confusing bookstore you can possibly imagine. Minst 30 ganger like stor som Frydenlund Bok og Media. 


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