and then just… shazam.

   Whenever my life´s coolness factor is slowly fading into something more mundane, something happens to make it just so, unbelievably cool. How do these things happen to me? Seriously. It´s like the universe finds people out there who I am for some reason destined to know and just throws them in my path in the most wildly random of ways. Coincidence is sometimes too intense to even begin to comprehend. 

  I started my day by making more detailed plans of what exactly I am going to do in Switzerland while staying with Sebastian, which was exciting because until that point, I had assumed I would pretty much be on my own while everyone else lived their lives with school, work, etc. The thought of actually going with him to a class at a Swiss university in Basel had never crossed my mind. How often does that opportunity present itself? Anyway, that entire part of my trip is suddenly sounding way cooler (as if it wasn´t already.) 

 So in the words of U2, it was a beautiful day. Especially on the Spencer Loop, an epic ski trail zigzagging to a point above an alpine slope, with a majestic view over the entire city, ocean, and mountains beyond. Conditions? Not so good. The view made up for it.



thought I´d throw in an aerial view of those mountains for you.


  On the way home from skiing I bought a different shade of paint, and the wall is now an infinitely more satisfactory shade of purple. It still looks awful because it is a) unfinished due to my fear of ladders, b) our furniture/dropcloth/ladder situation is disasterous, and c) the wall next to it is a very unbecoming shade of peach. Peach + sophisticated purple = nightmare. On the plus side, our bookcase, which was embarrassing to look at and constructed by hand out of a kind of fake wood that screamed 1992, is now gloriously modern after I painted all the shelves a starkly contrasty white. Pair that with a nice purple, throw on a bunch of truly antique books and National Geographics, and it looks almost like something from Pottery Barn. 

  My dad just used the word “ambrosical”. Literary creations of that level are, I guess, reserved purely for the description of smoked salmon. 

 I´m waiting now to go spend the evening with Caitlin. The last time I spent time with a female friend… I can´t even remember.


2 thoughts on “and then just… shazam.

  1. YES. Isn´t that weird!? Like it happened once in Norway but the coincidence wasn´t quite as insane… then with you, crazy… and now once more! the coincidence on this one is seriously intense, or at least the circumstances in which we met. I´ll elaborate in a later entry.

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