singlehanded home makeover

  When I started out today, the living room looked tragically like this: 


After disassembling a bookshelf, moving furniture, taping edges, cleaning walls and applying 2 coats of paint as high as I was comfortable, (listened to a Saybia album 5 times back-to-back and 2 Killers albums, among other things), it looked like this:


  Infinitely better, but way too lavender, so I´m repainting the entire thing tomorrow a darker purple. Kind of annoyed, but at least we know what we want a little better. It looks like a whole new room with the purple, though. So it was worth it. 


Otherwise, I have needed a new watch for a while now since losing the waterproof one I´d had since 7th grade. It was waterproof to 100 metres… great watch. So I got one today, and although it is sadly only water-resistant, it´s cute and Swiss and makes me smile every time I look at it. The only inconvenient thing is that I can´t see precisely what minute it is, but I guess I´ll have to set it a little fast to accommodate for approximations. 


   Brief bit of history: I am currently debating (kind of) between attending either Middlebury College or Franklin College Switzerland in the fall. I don´t know if I´m accepted at Middlebury yet, but I am at Franklin and am very intrigued about both of them for very different reasons. We´ll see what happens.

   I learned today, however, that Middlebury is a top recruiter for the CIA. I could be a secret agent! As cool as that is, it´s among my goals in life to become a citizen of a neutral country, and working for the US government definitely wouldn´t help that plan a whole lot.


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