Today is one of those days where it´s cold but irresistibly sunny and desirable outside. I spent about 2 hours coaching skiing this morning and was surprised when  realized I´d gotten sunburned. It´s… February? The sunlight pours into the house and everything begins to take on that summery, dreamy quality about it. Summer in the north is like that, anyway. Days that never end, a sun that never sets, just time slowly ticking by, unnoticed, until night comes back. It never feels real, and the return of the sun seems like the beginning of that surrealism. Listen to Jaques Lucont´s Thin White Duke Remix of Mr. Brightside by The Killers (it´s on their Sawdust album) and never mind the lyrics, you can just feel this time of year. Mr. Brightside is my favorite song of all time (has been for 4 years and running), but I don´t like the lyrics at all. There´s just something about it. It´s epic. 

  I was going to write about something else, but distracted by the gloriousness of this song, and the sun and the fantastic landscape outside the window, I forgot. 

  Oh, thank goodness I met with Caitlin last night, besides the obvious reason of it being a lot of fun, she was able to describe in extreme detail how to take the train, basically, all of the places I will be going. How to find the stations, everything. I know it can´t be that hard but I´ve just never really done it before (there is no way Norway could count… there was only ever one train!) so it was nice. 

  Days until Alaska Departure: 16. US Departure: 22. Wow that´s soon.

  50 Km Ski Race: 15 days! ahhh epic. I skied the first 8 or so kilometers of the race course yesterday; it took me about an hour.


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