I just spent some time reading up on social etiquette in Turkey, Germany and Switzerland. To say the very least, I have a lot to remember. Social etiquette doesn´t particularly exist here, in my opinion. If you don´t believe me, google a few countries´ manners and then read this: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/9889/american_manners_etiquette_and_protocol.html?cat=16. It´s disturbing, hilarious, and generally very true.

5 thoughts on “hahahaha.

  1. “When invited to an American’s home don’t be surprised if the women, and even the children, are a part of the group affair. ”

    This made me laugh, as if someone would walk in and demand to know WHY the women and children weren’t caged in the back rooms. This is definitely taken for granted I suppose.

    That was a hilarious few pages. It’s very interesting to see it objectively like that.

  2. I know, we really never take the time to view ourselves objectively, it definitely makes you realize the embarrassing sides as well as the extreme positives we´ve got.

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