vamos a la playa

   After weeks of successfully avoiding the wide array of illnesses going around at work, it finally got me. I can´t be sick for long, though. I have way too much to do. 

  After painting the wall purple 3 different times, we´re now going to repaint it orange. Primer first. Woohoo. It´ll look good, though. 

  I had the most restless night of fever dreams ever last night. In one, I was reading a book and driving at the same time, and drove off a cliff. In another, Zlata was the star of an unbelievably cool music video that I don´t even think could be filmed in real life. It went on and on, all night long, and I woke up exhausted. 

  Alaska Departure: 12 days. US Departure: 18 days. 50 km ski race: 11 days. 

  Oh man. 

  In other news, I can´t stop listening to “Right Round” by Flo Rida. It´s like that great song, you know, you spin me right right round right round like a record baby…  but hip hop. Not classic, but fun.


2 thoughts on “vamos a la playa

  1. Feberfantasier e komisk! Æ huske ikke helt ka æ drømte når æ hadde det, men det va vældi bisarr og æ trudde at det faktisk skjedde :P

  2. Hahaha, “Zlata was the star of an unbelievably cool music video” :)))
    Oh my God! Ida’s told me yesterday about her dream where we were like superpeople, I had highheeled boots and could kill our “enemies” with their help.
    Well, there are a lot of interesting things I get to know about myself through my friends dreams! :)

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