countdown: 9 days.

   A few nights ago I went to Cafe Amsterdam, one of the city´s only true “European” restaurants, for dinner for my grandpa´s birthday. It hit me then that I am going to be spending the next 4 months in Europe, and this involves, unsurprisingly, eating European food. Think bread, cheese, potatoes, and meat (or fish, in Norway.) I love all this. However, after a few months, one begins to feel the effects of severe vitamin deficiency.  I will now prepare for the impending lack of vitamins by stocking up before I leave. Here, a tribute to the American organic food section of the grocery store.

                                                                                     Pictured below: breakfast. 


                                  And here, dinner (with fresh Alaskan salmon, to which nothing can ever compare). 


            So delicious. 


      Yesterday I ran a lot  of errands, involving a bunch of boring stuff, buying a belt and blah blah blah, but also  going to the bank. I know there are ATMs everywhere and currency exchange beforehand isn´t particularly necessary, but it´s fun. I mean, look at it. 


   Norwegian money is, true, very pretty and intricate, and of course I had used Euros before, but Swiss francs are something else. (and I haven´t seen Turkish money yet…?). Money like this doesn´t even seem real, like you would go out to eat and hand THAT to the server?? It´s almost laughable. In some kind of ridiculous, fantastic dreamworld, people earn and spend that. Yet it´s real. And as Kyle said, if I go to Franklin, that will be our money. 

    What Alaska doesn´t offer in the aesthetic qualities of its currency, it makes up for in its stamps. 



               Most days are like this, but real: 


2 thoughts on “countdown: 9 days.

  1. Ahh!! I woke up, took a shower in preparation for a job interview in a neighboring town and I open my web browser to glorious bananas and brocolli&carrots!! I have to say, I love the drawing, it reminds me of a dream world myself. Not quite the one we will be throwing around (and hoarding!!) that dream money in. It is almost unimaginable – all the other intricacies of the cultures we will be thrown into and how unique each bit will seem to our relatively unworldly eyes. Last night was great, and it really re-engaged me in exactly what all awaits us. Ahh!!! time to go out and own my day~!!!

  2. hahahah, “throwing around” is not precisely the term that will define my college spending money… more like desperately saving every penny/franc and working every odd job possible to enable more glorious travel opportunities. but yeah. I´m psyched.

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