I did it.

I just bought a 5-day festival pass for Hovefestivalen in southern Norway in June. (og tredvin, det blir sendt til dæ, bare så at du vet :P) For lack of better words, OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! I am indescribably excited. I really have so much to be excited about, it´s kind of hard to believe. But look. 


  The Killers are going. Franz Ferdinand is going. Don´t you want to go, too? I decided not to buy a camping spot because I want to know who´s going with me first. If we have a lot of people we can have a HUGE tent and hope that it will be a lot warmer and drier than the last norwegian music festival i heard about. SO FUN. If anyone wants to go with me, let me know. Maybe I think about these things a bit prematurely, but I´m just excited. I have a ticket now. The Bank of America fraud department called our house because the international order looked suspicious, but we verified it. I´m going. 

 Alaska Departure: 10 days. US Departure: 16 days. 50 km ski race: 9 days.


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