15 days until…


  Things are ridiculously awesome. 

  Basically, every time I communicate with someone I will visit/stay with/etc while traveling I get ridiculously excited. Today´s chapter involved talking to Nazli, who informed me that when she is at school, her friends or mother will show me around the city, and her mom wants to take me to a Turkish bath. How exciting does it get!? And here I thought I would be precariously wandering the streets of Istanbul alone, known for its extremely forward men. This makes everything SO much better. I better brush up on my Turkish though, because many people speak no English (or Norwegian, but that goes without saying). I often find myself on the brink of saying, in exasperation, “I can only speak one language!” but then of course it becomes “I can only speak one… no, two languages! But one of them is Norwegian!” and then they get the point. At least it´s original. It´s like a secret code. 

   The purple wall I worked so hard on is now getting primed and painted… tan. The peach wall is turning orange. Times they are a-changing, but it should look good, hopefully. The native(s) are getting restless, meaning it would be nice if the living room was in a functional state.

  While skiing today, I came across a pack of wild coyotes. They were disappearing around a corner, but I saw at least three, before they noticed me and disappeared silently into the trees, as one would imagine coyotes do.


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