the beginning of chaos

   At 5 days left, it´s time to pack and cram on survival vocabulary, or in reality, the vocabulary my phrasebooks insist is necessary. The Turkish selection is very practical, but so far in German all I can do is introduce myself, order a large variety of complicated drinks, and say why yes, I would love a slice of chocolate cake. 


        Packing is interesting. I have a lot of clothes that I love and unfortunately will be confronted with an extreme range in temperatures and humidity, from intense (95 F +) heat and sun to subzero arctic snowstorms. 4 months, one bag. One bag that I can run with, if necessary, and carry/lift with considerable ease. Plus all my camera gear (unavoidable, if you know me.) Mmhm. Not so easy. 

     Time is running out, and I am intensely, blissfully happy about it.

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