just because it´s in English doesn´t mean it´s good

   I cannot believe the whole fuss with the Eurovision song contest – and how nauseatingly awful Norway´s songs are this year. Why are they so popular? Although Alexander Rybak´s song is pitiful and his appearance is frightening, at least he has a beautiful voice and can play an instrument – Tone Damli Aaberge is just awful in every way. Just because it´s in English doesn´t make it good. Terribly broken English (or Norwegian!!!) with somewhat meaningful or interesting lyrics would be so infinitely better. Funny how no one knows about Eurovision here, since it´s such a ridiculously huge deal in Europe. 

   Yesterday while at work, I received several bizarre telephone calls. When the phone rings, it is my job to answer as fast as possible with an automatic “ThankyouforcallingtheGlacierBrewhouse, thisisAcacia, howmayIhelpyou?” at which the person on the other line usually requests a reservation or something else to do with the restaurant. Yesterday, however, I answered to an enthusiastic “CONGRATULATIONS! You, the lucky first-person-to-answer-the-phone, have just won two free weeks of membership at such-and-such athletic club!”  It could have been much better spent, I´ll say. I told them to call someone else. 

  The weirdest was when the guy on the other end simply said, “How´re you doing today?” and so I answered I was fine… just silence on the other end. “How can I help you?” I repeated again. He said something I couldn´t understand. 

 “Oh, sorry, I´m on speakerphone… I´m kind of a big deal”. Okay?

 “Would you like a reservation, sir, or…?”

 “Uhm…. nah, I think I´m good”. 

 I was confused. “Is there anything I can do for you, then?”

“No, it´s okay. I was just calling.”

  People obviously have too much time on their hands. 

AK departure: 4 days. US departure: 10 days. This blog goes public today, and I apologize to that public for the current lack of interesting content, but I promise it is coming.


2 thoughts on “just because it´s in English doesn´t mean it´s good

  1. haha, ja eurovision e litt av et sirkus =P Alle sangan e sukkersøt radiopop som blir spilt om og om igjen helt til man spyr sukkerspinn :P

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