hello publicity

   Today was the day I officially disappeared without a trace, or more realistically, the day some people will come to realize was the last day they ever saw me. However, it also marked the sudden appearance of several inconspicuous cards stapled to various corkboards around the Glacier Brewhouse, announcing two things. The first, the baffling question: Where is Acacia? and two, the address to this blog. Introducing a new kind of publicity; not just friends who have the link to this site, but the real, anonymous public. Hello universe. With this in mind, I thought it could be useful to repost a previous blog post now floating, lost, in the archives from February. It was titled, most accordingly, THE PLAN. Map included. 

   So here´s what´s up. What´s really, really up. 


1) Istanbul. Stay with Nazli, a Turkish girl I met while living in Norway, for a week. Her parents don´t speak English, Nazli and I only speak Norwegian together and she will be at school for several hours each day, which is sure to make for some hilarious attempts at communication. I´ve never been to a Middle Eastern (kind of) culture before or anywhere slightly resembling Asia, so it should be a real highlight in the new experiences department. 

2) Wolfenbüttel, near Braunschweig, Germany. Stay with Henrike, the German girl who was an exchange student in Narvik at the same time I was. Thank goodness her parents speak English because my German pronunciation has, previously in my life, brought Germans to tears of laughter. But I have the “Teach Yourself Beginner´s German” book anyway. 

2,5) Somewhere else in Germany, I think Hannover probably, to visit Charlotte, another girl I knew in Norway. 

3) Lugano, Italian Switzerland, by train, where I will CouchSurf with a student at a college I will be visiting there. 

3,5) Lucerne, German Switzerland, to stay randomly with Sebastian, this nice Swiss guy I met once while lost in the woods in Norway. Or his parents, really. This cracks me up. 

4) Copenhagen, Denmark!! Who knows? I´ll figure it out. 

5) Stockholm, Sweden! Probably, anyway. That one needs organizing as well, or I could just wing it, I guess. 

6) Narvik, Norway, my home in the world. 3 months of graduation parties and glorious summer, photojournalism and staying with a whole variety of friends and host family. As a side note, I am now a part owner of a 1983 Volvo there, as well, which we will paint red and drive around the town for a good month or so in red overalls, irritating the citizens in the traditional Norwegian graduation party. And, in late June, I will hopefully attend a 3-day music festival in southern Norway involving my favorite band of all time, The Killers.

  4 days, folks. Then it´s Idaho. Then, the world.

One thought on “hello publicity

  1. I absolutely love the way this first paragraph was written. I can see how you disappearing might become a mystery, you being so mysterious and elusive and traveled, people might think you went to herd llama and farm potatoes in Peru.

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