not really, but still

  Sunny days of groomer runs, fresh corduroy and idyllic weather. Switch goggles for sunglasses, scarf for sunscreen. Eat nothing but amazing food, watch hilarious movies every night. You are here. 

delicious =

view from the house:

I got this t-shirt today. so alaska.

The real reason we’re here, though, is this. EPIC skiing.


 Quote of the day: “IT’S LIKE A NIGHTCLUB IN MY HEAD!!!”.  My response to listening, for the very first time, to music (european club music, more specifically) with real headphones. It completely redefines the entire experience that is music. I switched it Sigur Ros, and… I am stunned and amazed. To say the very least.

  So, I leave for Turkey in 2.5 days. My Turkish is… interesting, yet improving. My German is dismal. I need to repack yet again. I find out if I got accepted to Middlebury in 16 days. I have to make my final decision two days later.

 Upon hearing my own American English in the Tour of Anchorage video, I must add I was somewhat disturbed. I seriously need to tone that down a bit if I’m not going to be a constant reminder of Sarah Palin while traveling. Luckily/weirdly, and without thinking, I usually copy people’s accents when talking to them, if they’re different from my own. I have no idea why. It probably doesn’t sound too intelligent, like I can’t even speak my own language normally, but I think in some subconscious region of my mind, something tries to tell me that it will make it easier for them to understand. Subtract the “like”s and the adverbs and every word that could be made simpler, speak slowly, don’t conjugate verbs if they can’t either. I feel a little bad, but wonder if it helps. Or if I just sound ridiculous.

 Song of the trip: “Make you love me” by Andrew Landon. The impossible-to-find song, yet perfect for sleepy winter wonderlands like here.


One thought on “not really, but still

  1. We just got thru reading your blog and enjoying all your pictures.
    We are very excited about your trip and all the good possibilities ahead.
    It’s fun to read your commentary and see all the pictures, Really enjoyed the video of your ‘race’

    we even ventured off to check out Franlin and Middlebury.
    Tough decision!!! but they both look GREAT!!

    We are snuggled on the couch under the heated blanket, and Timmy is getting double snuggles. We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and hearing more stories and plans.

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