winter sunburn

   Yet another epic day of shredding the slopes, learning Turkish in the sunshine and running through the silent, sky-blue countryside, past horses and flocks of swans. 

  My dad, my brother, and his friend took some amazing pictures today. Credit to them, but wow. 

  while attempting to spray my brother in a wave of snow, my skis refused to stop and I tackled him at full speed.

 MSN is definitely among my favorite websites to scan for interesting articles. Today I randomly came across this: All about Norway’s computer-dependent schools, and how it makes them probably the most technologically advanced in the world. How the US is lagging behind so deeply. Funny, since that was just daily life all last year. The pictures are so incredibly accurate. They’re not labeled, but if you’ve seen it, you know which photos are from which country. Really surreal, to see it from an outside angle like that. 



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