farewell america.

List of currently good/liberating things:

1) I have no job.

2) I have no boyfriend.

3) I have no phone.

4) I have no laptop.

5) I have (considering the length of my trip) very little money.

What I do have, however, are sweet connections, a camera, cake recipes and a swiss army knife.

This makes for a very, very interesting time.

Today was my last full day in the United States of America until July. Excellent! Yet more skiing and sunshine and learning Turkish. No pictures today, but ohh, just wait. My bag is packed. I leave for Istanbul tomorrow. I have no idea when I will next have internet access and time to update, but until then, adios, amigos. Vi snakkes.


One thought on “farewell america.

  1. @1-5, life is good isn’t it? Its going to be four months of freedom.

    Sweet connections lead to amazing things.
    Camera’s are necessary.
    Cake recipes and swiss army knives should be inseparable with you.

    Farewell, A

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