Fjorden, baby!

  Best name for a band, ever.

  This is what happened:

  After two days in sunny Copenhagen, drinking ice tea by the seaside and contemplating how happy I was to be unemployed, I got on a train and was in Stockholm by sundown. A more beautiful city (at sunset) has never been seen – it’s like Scandinavia’s answer for Venice. Reflections off the sea, bridges, crisp springtime weather. I boarded a night train and was joined by 3 young folks from Sweden (one of whom was studying to become a preist) and two young men from China. We threw a party in our sleeping compartment. Springtime in Sweden faded with the sunset. We clambered precariously onto our bunks and fell asleep.

  10 hours later, I awoke, alone, and it was winter. Like really, really winter.


 This, however, was responsible for 3 days of idyllic ski treks in the mountains of the arctic, eating oranges outside the cabin in the sun, and building an Easter ski race (jumps, slaloms, etc), which everyone, adults included, participated enthusiastically in. We solved the “Easter Crime” mystery on the Tine milk cartons. Spring break in the far north.

  The past two days have been spent at Skarstad, aka Most Beautiful Place In Existence*, and with that * comes a fine print that reads “weather permitting”. The weather, this weekend, refused to permit. We went for a sort-of hike in the hills by the sea, but I fell in a river, so we played cards and ate chocolate and bailed out the boat when it was full of rainwater.

  I know my updating of this blog is kind of going downhill, but it’s because at Easter, (which is like a week long here, at least) everything is closed, including the postal system, and my computer has yet to arrive. Once it does, though (think today or tomorrow) pictures will be up, stories will be told, and things will get generally more exciting. Until then, folkens, cheerio.


2 thoughts on “Fjorden, baby!

  1. I miss Skarstad! (and the cabin and everyone)… was it funny or scary when you fell in the river? Did Tor Edvin take pictures?

  2. haha, it was hilarious when I fell in the river. More of a creek really. We got a few pictures, but it was raining and windy and kind of unfortunate. And no river pictures, sadly.

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