anna banana

  Ståkuka day two. Cowboys and indians! Unfortunately everyone had a huge project due today so people weren´t quite as psyched in the picture department, but almost everyone dressed up. My new project involves inventing a superhero by Friday…

  After getting Ida´s help writing up a contract, I took to the city streets in search of russ-car sponsors. I wandered from shop to shop, asking politely for help with our car and explaining about our glorious logo-painting skills, with pretty much no effect. A few people seemed vaguely interested, but most people didn´t want anything to do with us, or had already sponsored a different car. It was cold, windy, wet – kind of disheartening. In the end, though, the local paint shop took pity on the light green shade of our car and with any luck, I´ll get a solid sponsorship by tomorrow.

   After seeing the lovely pictures of Ida and Natasha´s little sisters, Anna became the sudden subject of a spontaneous photoshoot. I must say I´m quite surprised how well the pictures turned out.


2 thoughts on “anna banana

  1. Tell Anna Banana that she is so lovely. She’s already looking so grown-up…. tell her that we hope she brings her family and comes to visit us.

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