the last calm weekend.

  Ahh!! Finally!! I totally forget if I´ve forgotten to mention it before, but right before I arrived in Narvik, someone named Per crashed into our russ car, and now owes several thousand kroner (over a thousand dollars) to “get it fixed” (or pay for gas.) It´s only a dent in the side and a crack in a side mirror, so it´s still driveable, but anyway… we couldn´t start painting the car because we had to wait for his insurance company to call our insurance company and someone to get something in the mail and all this stuff, before we could take the car in to get it looked at and the damages appraised, at which point it had to be green because that´s the color it´s registered as, etc etc… and now it´s FINALLY all done, we get it examined tomorrow morning and start the painting tomorrow afternoon! Fantastic! That makes it time for planning the design, the name, etc. We can´t forget the fine print by the dent reading “Thank you Per <3”. Haha…

  Yesterday was lazy, I spent most of the day at Tredvin´s hybel (miniature apartment) eating and listening to music. My host mom, Eva, and sisters Gry and Anna picked me up around 21.00 because the weather was so bad, but when I ran out to the car through the blanket of rain, I found the drivers seat empty. “Guess what!?” they exclaimed. “You get to drive to Håkvik!” (a sort of town/suburb about 15 km away.) “Just you and Gry!” I assessed the situation. Nice car. Terrible weather and extremely narrow Norwegian highway. Sleep deprived. “Interesting” stickshift capabilities. Most trusting host family of all time. Perfect! Thankfully everything went great, there´s no better way to learn than to just go for it, I suppose. And I got to meet my host family´s horse. 

  Now, for pictures!

  Here is my entire wardrobe for basically the month of May. (view the picture on Flickr (aka click on it) and you´ll be able to read descriptions of everything.)

russ gear.

  And the contents of my pockets for that month, as well: 

russ cards.

  April 23rd, 2009 – swimming in the ocean before May 1st. (russ knot.) It was raining, and freezing, but we did it.

  On Friday, I randomly experienced a sort of Thanksgiving-nostalgia and baked an apple pie. It was DELICIOUS, but only looked this good because Tredvin helped. 


   Coming soon: documentation of our beloved 1983 Volvo.


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