russ car, day two.

Yesterday we trekked out to Håkvik again (where the car is) and discovered, to our surprise/horror, that the paint hasn´t exactly stuck to the car. We didn´t want it to stick too good, because we want to get it off again afterwards, but we got it a little wet and it came right off. Not good. So that… is under construction. We painted a new layer on, hopefully that will help. I doubt the car will be ready by tomorrow, when the russ time starts, but we´ve got a theme now – hippie, the roof a Norwegian flag (think mini-cooper style), and a name: Rolling Stoned. ((Do note, this is incredibly ironic, as none of us 5 have ever been stoned, and being stoned (especially while driving) in Norway can earn you several years in prison. Our school, however, is referred to by the general public as “the hippie school” and we wish to accentuate both this, the traditional spirit of russ and a feeling for old school rock and roll. Anything in English, also, loses all seriousness.))

Again, my iMovie has failed me, but the Norwegian video blog continues!


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