the day before.

So, this was Wednesday.

Basically, we quickly found out that waxing the car prior to painting it with water-based interior wall paint (precisely what the men at the paint shop instructed us to do) was a very, very unfortunate idea. The paint basically fell off the car if we touched it, and being a russ car, being able to climb all over the car and dance on it, etc is very important. Therefore, this was bad news. We ended up driving the car to Joakim´s house, where his dad blasted all the paint off the car with a pressure washer (is that what it´s called?), leaving flakes of red paint EVERYWHERE, all over the lawn, stuck to our shoes, in our hair, up our noses, everywhere. We experimented with lightly splashing some water over the paint – at the slightest touch, it fell off. Imagine if we had gone driving in the rain (very likely, it´s northern Norway…). Very, very unfortunate it would have been. Oh, and I got the honor of vacuuming the lawn afterwards.

After watching a bit of water destroy all of our hard work, we decided to abandon the original plan of being able to remove the paint after May 17th, and turned our contemplation to paint that doesn´t come off. Ever tried to get rid of spray paint graffiti? You can´t. Spray paint it was, and after stocking up at Europris, (Norway´s cheapest store!) we danced in the sunshine, listened to The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan, removed the wax, washed the car, taped the car, and sprayed the car red. It gleams. It shines. It´s beautiful.

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