becoming russ.

Note: I, the genius, in a sleepy attempt to break up my previous blog post into something more readable, have managed to delete everything I wrote about the epic Thursday. So, time to try again.

Thursday was insane. It was the first day we got to wear our russ pants, which was exciting not only for me, but also for the children I accidentally stumbled upon, alone, on the way to school. More specifically, I walked through a kindergarten playground at recess, and was attacked by a wave of kids screaming “RUSSEKORT!!!!” (russ card.) As I sit here now in Ida´s dining room, children outside see our russ car parked here, and ring the doorbell multiple times until I blow my russ whistle at the top of my lungs and throw a handful of cards out the window.

Anyway, at school we had a meeting with the police, who informed us of their opinions on our plans. They were probably the coolest police I have ever met or ever will meet, and basically wished us good luck. We left directly afterwards to Joakim´s house again, where Rolling Stoned sat, beautiful as ever. We stenciled the name onto the car, the Rolling Stones´ logo, painted our names, peace signs, a heart, our sponsors, painted a Norwegian flag onto the roof and painted the hubcaps gold – and it´s not even finished yet!! It´s so cool, though. We´re all ridiculously proud of it.

Around 20.00 we, the Rolling Stoned crew minus Ida (Tor Edvin, Joakim, Nina and myself) met up and made our way by foot to Margrete´s apartment, which is situated magnificently on top of a hill overlooking the ocean. Imagine all my favorite Norwegian classmates, in matching pants, on a balcony overlooking the fjords, the mountains, the ocean, the late-night sun and Narvik itself. Idyllic it was. Music, laughter and great times were had as we waited for Per Martin, the russ priest, and Ida, who was at work – when they showed up, it was time to be baptized! (aka being allowed to wear our hats with our russ names). One by one we knelt before Per Martin on the scenic balcony, were smeared with toilet water, and named. Russ, officially! Ida, Joakim, Nina, Tor Edvin and Acacia are now Action, DuLua, Sirkus Merano, Final Cutter and Paparazzi. Fitting.

The clock struck midnight, it was May 1st, and the real party was going down in Ornesvika, a popular beach with a killer view over the mountains, ocean, etc. We parked at Ida´s house and wandered along the twilight coastline to the beach, which was absolutely insane. Every senior in the city was there, dressed more or less the same – overalls, weird hat, sweatshirt – and everyone was going crazy. Music, sunset, the ocean, the mountains, a procession of russ cars, the forest, the city lights of Narvik twinkling in the background – this was the beginning of Russ 2009, and we partied all night long.


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