breakfast in the roundabout.

In the past three days, I have:

1) Ridden in a car driving 10 times continuously through a roundabout
2) Eaten a hamburger with chocolate on top
3) Eaten my own russ card
4) Jumped out of a car in the middle of the freeway, run 3 times around the car, and driven onward
5) Camped outside the school
6) Spent an entire class period underneath a desk
7) Had a serious conversation with a light pole
8) Eaten breakfast in a roundabout

The list goes on. The party continues. The sun shines, and we spend our breaks at school laying on top of our cars, listening to music. Life is good.


4 thoughts on “breakfast in the roundabout.

  1. light pole?? bra norsk-engelsk :P lamp post??

    nei da… æ e ikke helt uskyldig heller ;)


  2. Jaa, in Alaska we call them light poles
    wonder what y’all did today?

    Cacia, please check your email

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