attack of the norwegian schoolchildren

Please excuse the lack of frequent updates, but my life is insane. 

  I´ve been down for a day or so due a tragic event involving a hamburger getting stuck in my throat for 36 hours, during which I could neither breathe normally or eat. I am left with fatigue, a sore throat, a skepticism towards scandinavian healthcare, and an eternal revulsion towards hamburgers. Live and learn, I guess. 

 Despite this, the days have nevertheless been packed with exciting events. The most epic of these was perhaps attempting to cross an elementary school playground at recess with one russ card held up in the air. The goal was to cross the playground (at least 300 feet, seriously huge) and have the card perfectly intact upon reaching the other side – not bent or anything. We were attacked. You have no idea how crazy kids are after these cards until you´ve tried it yourself. They ripped at our clothes, they clung to our limbs, they hit us, bit us, attempted to steal our phones and our money, pulled our hair, stole our hats, everything. Nobody´s card survived – we were each left with a tiny scrap of paper and an impressive collection of bruises. I know my video blogs can be a bit long, especially in Norwegian, but the one for May 5th includes the entire, unedited, schoolyard attack scene. I filmed the whole thing. It was an adrenaline-inducing experience, to say the least. 

  Otherwise, probably the most memorable experience was camping on school grounds. We, the media students, took it quite seriously –  we got there, set up camp, grilled some (harmless) hamburgers, and went to sleep. Unfortunately for us, the music students were having a tequila party in the forest nearby. We awoke a half an hour after initially falling asleep, realizing all the tent stakes had been pulled out. Giggling was heard from the trees. We yelled at them, set it back up, went back to sleep, but awoke soon afterwards to the sound of whispers and rustling in the bushes. Tredvin, closest to the door, looked out and informed us that our tent was surrounded by naked music students, at 4 AM, on the school grounds, in the rain. Definitely among the more absurd situations of my lifetime. 

   Tomorrow we´re going to Harstad, where all the russ north of Trondheim (get out a map of Norway – that´s a lot of kids) will meet and party for 3 days. I´m the designated journalist on the scene. So exciting.


One thought on “attack of the norwegian schoolchildren

  1. Whoa, the attack of the Norwegian school children was intense!
    It would have been safer to throw cards as you went…

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