oh, my knees…

  Good morning Narvik, I am HOME! The Trøndelag expedition went fabulously, I had a blast and finally got to climb a mountain. I´m still backed up with pictures, though, so it´s story time.

 Last Saturday was the biggest party of the year, and basically our last chance to get russ knots. Someone, regrettably, managed to convince me to partake in one of the most legendary knots in Narvik: crawl over the bridge to Ankenes like a baby, diaper and pacifier included. This bridge, I must note, connects one side of the fjord to another. It´s a big bridge. Nobody we knew had kneepads. It was epic, and painful, and weirdly worth it.

  The bridge loomed ahead.

We took paper from the gas station.

We taped our knees.

Some people had extra shoes.

Away we crawled.

Rolling Stoned rolled on by.

We reached the end.

We got to keep the pacifiers as our knots.

Cheap shoes were easily destroyed by the bridge´s ferocity.

Luckily, I refrained from taking pictures of our knees, which were more or less annihilated. It was not a pleasant sight. However, this is apparently an annual ritual among Narvik´s russ. Not to be missed!


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