travels to trøndelag

  On Monday morning I slipped on my trusty rainboots, packed my bags, and hit the road to Trøndelag. After five hours on a bus and seven hours on a train, I met up with Maddie and Ørjan at Steinkjer station and spent 3 days hanging out with them, by the sea, in the mountains, everywhere. We climbed mountains, swam in the sea, swam in a lake, ate a lot, gossiped about high school, and watched children´s movies. 

The motor wasn´t always interested in starting…

Night swimming in the mountains…


4 thoughts on “travels to trøndelag

  1. Working 50 hours a week I cannot help but be incredibly jealous. This rocks. I keep hearing the song “Happy Up Here” from the new Röyksopp album when I look at these photos.

    Must love adventure!

  2. Thanks :) Röyksopp is a great soundtrack to this country. However, think positive, and cherish the fact that you are producing income. I wish I did.

  3. Æ må bare si at alle bildan dine e så flott og fargerik… du e nok en ekte livsnyter som får oppleve alle de her flotte reisan og naturen :)

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