Lofoten: destination of my dreams

Yesterday I bought my plane tickets to Oslo in June for the Hove Festival, and to Stockholm, where I catch my plane to the US. These unfortunately necessary purchases have rendered me on the verge of broke. However, what saved me from losing literally all my money was moving the dates around so that I hang out in both Oslo and Stockholm for a few days more than planned. Cheaper at the time, it could quickly turn disastrous if I don´t acquire some free accommodations via CouchSurfing or friend-of-a-friend hookups. This explained, does anyone have sweet connections in Stockholm or Oslo?

On the way back from Steinkjer, the bus cruised along the coastline at sunset, a moving experience in which the jagged silhouette of Lofoten revealed itself on the horizon. (I think it was Lofoten, anyway.)

It called my name, and pretty much captured my soul. I have to go. Initially I wanted to bike from Å to Svolvær and camp along the way, but getting together people, equipment and time for that endeavor proves difficult. It´s a great excuse to come back, though. Cruising down there in a car (I can´t afford the bus) for a weekend wouldn´t be the same, but it would be good enough. Let´s go! Last year was so surreally beautiful…

Sorry my flickr just exploded with Lofoten pictures. I realized I hadn´t uploaded them last summer… it needed to happen.


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