incredible music experience of my future


THE KILLERS. Franz Ferdinand. White Lies. Fleet Foxes. Crookers. Fjorden Baby!. And much more. I´m so ridiculously excited!!! Epicness is headed my direction yet again!


6 thoughts on “incredible music experience of my future

  1. Hey Acacia! This is Jordi. I was looking at your blog while staying in your beautiful home before we embark on this kayak trip and your mom told me about this concert you were going to. It sounds absolutely incredible! I am very very jealous. I have always wanted to go to a Killers concert and I have heard that they put on an amazing live show! And also Franz Ferdinand?!! Wow. Have a blast!

  2. Thanks so much Gina!!

    Hey Jordi! I am SOOO EXCITED!!! I´ve heard the Killers will be heading back to the US in a few months, maybe you´ll be able to see a concert then!!

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