Today, due to a series of initially undesirable circumstances, I found myself in the school library, where I randomly picked up a current issue of Computer Arts magazine with a special article on photoshop tutorials. Later that day, Reidar gave me Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrater CS4. About 2 seconds later, upon opening that magazine, my brain exploded, and after five hours of work, I had created this: 

Under the Sea

  Someone, please remind me why I am not going to art school. THERE IS SO MUCH TO LEARN!!! All I want to do is create amazing, beautiful things all the time!!! Ida and I started looking at the magazine, and inspiration took over. It´s nearing 10.30 PM and Tor Edvin and Joakim are coming over to edit photos together all night long. Ida and I basically had a girly, giggly screaming attack over photoshop tools. At the grocery store, we chose fruit that was most photogenic. We are such nerds, and I love it. Some epic masterpieces are sure to be created tonight. Stay tuned.

Update: this is what happened. Nic, if you´re reading this, I know you don´t like being in my artwork, sorry.

Somewhere Out There


4 thoughts on “ART EXPLOSION!!!

  1. That is SO COOL!
    You know, you can do anything… spend a year at Franklin and then… anywhere you want!
    I love both of these… Gosh, that photo of Nic, that perfect Nic expression, det er fantastisk!

  2. Amazing photo’s! They remind me of a lot of work I used to do when CS2 was still considered “new”… Years ago.

    I downloaded the trial of CS4, somehow once in CH i need to get a full version.

    Ja, veldig fantastisk!

  3. Awesome art, Wow! That must be so much fun to do!
    Just one question…is that a piece of watermelon she’s holding? :-)

  4. sounds like you have had so much fun:):)
    i understand i’ll need to start reading your blog a bit more often!

    “Låt den retta komme inn” ((eller korsn i f… det skrives på svensk)) er bare helt fantastique! Fikk helt sjokk når æ så den på utleierhylla… tredvin og æ så jo den sånn ca i januar jo:P

    oh; CONGRATS with Adobe CS4 <333 *finally*

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