magic tricks

Today I woke up, picked up my laptop, and started on my second ComputerArts tutorial. Since I don´t know how to use Illustrator (yet!) I cheated and used pre-made florals/legos instead of drawing them by hand.

I feel like my attempt at this turned out a bit too flamboyant, but fun, cartoonish and colorful, at least.

 Magic Tricks

  It was fun, though. 

  Yesterday we had a photoshoot with our russ car and normal clothes (for once), after which I spent almost 3 hours at a cafe with Zlata, talking about basically every feminine topic under the sun and being randomly (and unsuccessfully) hit on by some very confused Swedish men. (hahaha). This was followed by a rainy walk to Ida´s house, a huge dinner, and a movie night at Nina´s house watching Let The Right One In, which is on the top-five list of best movies I have ever seen. It´s so incredibly excellent – the first wonderfully heartwarming, sweet yet grotesque vampire film probably to ever exist. SO GOOD. 

  Ida, by the way, attempted this today: 

The result:

Illustrator art

Pretty good, huh?


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