rainy mondays and love for space movies

   Today is some sort of weird Christian holiday celebrated here that I absolutely do not understand. It rained. I woke up at noon. Productivity was at a low. Weirdly, my Norwegian skills seemed to be slightly “out of order”. However, I attempted to recreate the Glacier Brewhouse´s Thai Chicken Pizza, which was made difficult by “cilantro” and “bean sprouts” not being in the English-Norwegian dictionary. It was pretty good, though. (Just needed some cilantro and bean sprouts.) My once non-existent cooking skills are slowly improving, thankfully. Also, I saw Star Trek, which I absolutely loved. I feel like growing up watching old Star Wars movies has something to do with it.

  When I don´t blog, I write in this moleskine. It is truly the perfect book for every imaginable occasion. That´s the only thing I don´t like about blogging – it´s not handwritten, and has no doodles. 

  This… I was a bit hysterically amazed by how beautiful Efjord is in the sunshine, so…  

  And last, but not least, how we feel about russ time being over. 

  Tomorrow is going to be a big day. Buona notte, folkens. I need to work on my Italian. 22 days until HOVE!


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