sugar sweet

  On Saturday night, a drunk man ran over 3 people (one of them died), and then “escaped” to Sweden, who gave Norway permission to chase him down there anyhow. How many ways can one be arrested all at once? (And how dumb can one be?)

Yesterday I baked for Tredvin´s birthday.

  Yesterday was thereby spent eating cupcakes, cookies, kebab and exotic fruit crepes, blowing up balloons, drinking tea and having fun. I´ve begun knitting a pair of slippers. It´s going to take me forever – first I have to knit them about 9 times too huge, and then put them in the washing machine so they get all thick, shrunk and felted. I´m nearing halfway done with the first, it´s taking forever. 

  Ida and I went to an appliances store to try and pick up her new camera lens, which wasn´t there. We spent the wait admiring all sorts of household and kitchen appliances, the most of which we will one day own. It was a deeply bizzare feeling. One year it´s a prom dress you´ve got your eye on, and the next year, an electric mixer. Times sure do change. 

  Also, Nina made me this card a few weeks ago:

   I love it. Ida and I agree that one day Nina will be super-famous, and we´ll pull our handmade cards out of old shoeboxes and say, “NINA made this for me”, and everyone will gasp in amazement.

 Despite the recent abundance of down time, my life will soon explode into action yet again! I´m going to let it be a surprise, but if the weather cooperates, the pictures should be breathtaking. I´m so excited. I must say, though, I really, really need a place to stay in Stockholm for free.

  Finally the weather is clearing up. I´m going outside.


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