Stockholm, please answer!

    Yet again I find that the hours have passed on CouchSurfing, searching for a host in Stockholm in July. I´m feeling positive about the potential ones I´ve recently discovered, but it´s still a bit stressful. I really need somewhere to stay. Norwegian phrase: “It´ll work itself out”. We´ll hope so. 

  The weather has been glorious recently. Yesterday I walked up Narvik mountain and ran down, which was clearly a bad choice. I can barely more today. Therefore, even though the forecast was for 45 degrees Fahrenheit, I found a wind-free spot in the yard probably closer to 95 degrees and laid in the sun for two hours. It was heavenly. I had dinner at my host family´s house but ended up falling asleep on their couch for several hours. Now it´s the middle of the night, but the sun is still shining and my sense of time is intensely confused. 

  I am going to Lofoten on Friday and can hardly contain my excitement.

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