sunburn, or a random collection of notes

   There is a wasp in my room. Diving with sharks, bear encounters, and the like are practically delightful in comparison to that dreaded “bzzzzz…” coming from downstairs. It´s the little things in life. 

  In an act of boredom, I researched the Killers a bit and what kind of music inspired them initially. I came across my new favorite song, Being Boring by The Pet Shop Boys. It´s incredible. 

  Has anyone heard of PostSecret? It´s a blog where people send in their anonymous secrets written on the backs of handmade postcards, like this. 


 Hahahaha. I really like it.
Also, I am greatly looking forward to my future apartment/house. (Long, long into the future, but dreaming is healthy). I will have a couch like this.

  Picture 2

  And a bookshelf like this, but painted white (the dark wood was a bit much.) Only one wall, and with a high ceiling.

bookshelf spectrum, revisited

   It will be delightful.


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