Aren´t you going to see the king?

  The weekend in Lofoten wore us out just a bit. Absolutely nothing got accomplished yesterday; the day was spent laying around the house, sleeping, editing pictures, and eating. The King of Norway was actually in Narvik, for which they closed off all the main roads, filled the sky with military helicopters, and spent thousands of kroner planting a flower garden outside of the King´s estate in Narvik. I´ve never seen a king before, so it probably would have been good timing to get that off my list, but as mentioned, that kind of action exceeded my energy level. From those who did try and catch a glimpse of royalty, however, I heard that it was extremely difficult to see anything through the wall of police and security guards. Oh well. Apparently the King doesn´t do much, anyway. 

  Last night we had a sort of farewell dinner for “my” class at a ski chalet on the hillside. It was more like the American graduation than anything I´ve seen here before, and the entire thing was arranged by the students. We dressed up fancy, invited our teachers, and spent the evening eating tons of cake, watching films we´ve made, and listening to speeches by our teachers. One of them, whose musical talent I was completely unaware of, pulled out a guitar and burst spontaneously into song, complete with sentimental English lyrics. I was impressed. Clearly, this is one special class – the teachers are really sad to see them go. 

  The truly hilarious part was seeing the differences between films everyone made in their first year, and at the end, films from this year, with Tredvin´s masterpiece application to film school as the grand finale. To say the very, very least… we have improved. Greatly. We also saw a slideshow of pictures taken by our entire class in the winter of 07/08… they´re just snapshots now. Anyone could have taken those pictures. It´s amazing how much better we are now. The real highlight, however, was the infamous music video of the 80´s hit “She´s a Maniac”, starring miss Zlata Golden from 2006. Talk about dance moves! 

  This morning, while checking the seven or so websites that I keep somewhat track of, I stumbled across some AMAZING ideas for my future house of dreams. Check out the tiled wall in this shower, the invisible glass doors, the mirrored wall and the sandstone-tiled floor. All photos: MSN Real Estate. 

amazing shower!

        Also, this is probably the coolest bathtub I´ve ever seen. And I love the windows. 

amazing bathroom!

And check out these fun textures and tiles!

fun textures!


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