the future, and something hilarious

A few days ago I got an email with a username for the “current students” section of my college website. I´M A STUDENT! I get to learn! I can´t wait. I don´t know what I´m ever going to do with myself when I´m done with school. Life without learning seems pointless. I got to pick my first choices both for first year seminar, foreign language, and fall travel, and am SO excited! It seems challenging, and I really, really like challenge. This fall, I will most likely either be traveling to Florence, to northern Switzerland, or to Paris, Brussels, Strasbourg, and Geneva. Exciting!

If all my dreams came true, my life would be like this: Winter break: Elena visits me in Switzerland, I go home. Summer break: I visit Elena in Spain, I visit Laura in Sicily, I visit everyone in Norway, I go home and work. I visit Nazli in Istanbul. I go back to school. Winter break: I visit Reid and Koral in the Dominican Republic.

How cool would that be? And so very, very possible?

Anyway, it´s suddenly looking like tomorrow is going to be a much more action-packed day than previously imagined. The next morning at around 04.00, I take off for Hove, the music festival of my dreams.

It was about 80 degrees all day.

I´m like 100 miles above the arctic circle.

Life is good.

By the way, here is some hilarious office-inspired art I found by desperately googling “INSPIRE ME!” a few days ago.


One thought on “the future, and something hilarious

  1. I am looking forward to hearing about Hove! Sounds great.
    I checked out some of those bands while I was at your house in Anchorage and had some time to kill.

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