Home from Hove: 6 days in the sun.

   Our flights from Oslo arrived around 22.00 last night. Sunburned, exhausted, and smothered in an unbecoming mix of sunscreen and dirt, Nina and I were relieved to be back in the north. The cold evening air, the midnight sun, and the snow capping the dramatic mountains welcomed us home as we collapsed into the car and headed back to Narvik. We had just survived Hovefestivalen 2009: six days of incredible concerts, too much cream cheese, and an average temperature of 86° F – in the shade.

  Words like epic, incredible, and indescribably awesome don´t even begin to cover it. As a blogger, I don´t have a clue where to start. It´s going to have to be day-by-day, with a focus on Tuesday, the 23rd, one of the most amazing musical experiences of my life. I´ll give you a hint – it involves surviving the front row of a Killers concert. Yes, The Killers, my favorite band of all time, whose music has served as the soundtrack to my life for the past five years or so. Words can´t tell that story, so we filmed it. It´s going to take a while, but the Hove Festival of 2009 is about to be epically blogged.


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