Hove: waiting in paradise.

  Sunday, June 21st, 7.45 AM: Awoke to the stifling, blistering heat of our tent baking in the early morning sun. Gasping for air, we desperately tore at the zippers of our tent, shimmied out of our sleeping bags, and heaved ourselves into the grass. After successfully removing all warmth-inducing clothing, we sought refuge in the shade of some stranger´s tents, and collapsed immediately in exhaustion. Unknown to us at the time, this would become a daily activity, surely to the great amusement of our neighbors, still partying from the night before. 

   So began our life as festival-goers. Any statuses we may have in the outside world – musicians, artists, photographers, students, etc – were erased upon entry to the festival and replaced with one title: screaming fangirls. With White Lies playing Monday, and Fleet Foxes and The Killers on Tuesday, we were excited. Sunday was spent listening to small concerts, laying on the beach, eating ice cream, and playing frisbee for hours with a huge group of wonderful strangers. The lines of people standing outside the showers were so long that we plunged into the sea with soap, shampoo and conditioner in hand, and I assure you, a more refreshing bath has never been taken.


That night, the Norwegian band The New Wine served as the opening concert for the festival. Beautiful music, and an instant favorite. The singer´s voice is lovely, and the expressions on the guitarist´s face are absolutely priceless.



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