Hove: the official first day

  On Monday morning, the festival gates opened and with them, a whole new world of festivities. The festival area catered to every variety of musical taste and preference, from hip hop to electronica to death metal. We spent the day wandering the area, a beautiful collection of life and art spread upon the forest floor. Light bulbs and random lamps hung in the trees over wandering paths between various tents, stands, stages, theaters and spontaneous furniture. Handmade signs advertised staples of hippie life, organic food and recycled clothing, fair trade coffee. One Million Giraffes, one read. A girl sitting in the grass explained the scenario – a friend didn´t believe she could collect a million giraffe drawings by 2011, and she was out to prove him wrong. Why not? We sat down and drew her some giraffes.


    Afternoon approached, and our fangirl instincts kicked in. White Lies was at the top of our list. Their hit “Lose My Life” had been on our minds constantly, and we found ourselves running joyfully through the streets of the festival forest, screaming out the chorus LET´S GROW OLD TOGETHER… AND DIE AT THE SAME TIME!!!!. We decided to camp out in front of the stage an hour or so before the concerts started, not only to reserve a space, but to test it out for the next day.



  Let me tell you, the space in front of the stage was like a frying pan. A cold glass of beer, at the time, was the most deliciously refreshing thing imaginable… and cost $10 a glass. It was at this point that we discovered that, as seen in films, it is possible to acquire beer simply by being charming. A strategy was formed – Nina, who could understand the southern Norwegian dialects, would start up a conversation with some unsuspecting young men. They would naturally ask where we were from, and since Alaska is probably the most impressive place ever to come from, we would be instantly presented with a cold glass of beer each. After obtaining the beer, all one needed to do was have a short, but pleasant conversation about the upcoming concerts, drink the beer, and move on. Incredible sums of money were saved this way, although its morality is somewhat questionable. Thank you, Alaska, for making me cool in the eyes of strangers. 

  Finally, White Lies, in all of their British charm, came on stage, and we were almost in the front row! Enter the man who instantly became one of our favorite vocalists of all time. Look at that posture and deadpan expression. Hilarious. We loved it. 


 We filmed a bit so you can feel our enthusiasm. 

  After White Lies came the Ting Tings, who I had never heard of, but who were a positive surprise. Although I think their songs may be a bit much to listen to otherwise, their live concert was wonderfully energetic and fun. And their stage presence was awesome.



  After the Ting Tings, food was the first thing on our minds, and we managed to forget that Franz Ferdinand was soon to begin. We arrived right as the music started, and were swallowed by the crowd. Nina, who is considerably taller than me, had the advantage here. I, the short one, had a hard time breathing as we were tossed back and forth, up and down to the rhythm. A shove here or there caused a chain reaction in the crowd, sending us crashing into each other, falling down, being jumped on. The possibility of being potentially trampled to death in a mass of dancing people seemed suddenly very real. Would I die to the tune of “Do You Want To?” Luckily, such was not my fate, and the concert was intensely awesome. Songs I´ve heard for years, live in front of me, was an otherworldly feeling. I could only catch a glimpse of the band members mid-jump, but managed to film above a bit of the crowd.


   We collapsed in our tent with our ears ringing, but with smiles on our faces and a great anticipation for the next day. And far, far too many clothes on.

One thought on “Hove: the official first day

  1. Wow! 1,000,000 giraffe pictures! Spontaneous furniture! Free cold beer and questionable morality! All in a beautiful park-like paradisical island for a 3-day rock concert. Sounds amazing. Thank you for taking so much time to share it with us all.

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