Farewell, Narvik.

  A few days ago the sun was shining so Tredvin and I climbed Narvik Mountain and sat in the tundra at the top, eating Kvikk Lunsj and looking at the sea. Later that night, we met up with Nina and the three of us traversed Narvik by bike late at night, climbed a tower by the beach and sat far above the ocean in the sun, wrapped in blankets and talking about everything. It was a good day. 

 I´ve been home alone in my host family´s house for quite some time now, which is weird. I hope I never live alone. It took me forever, but all my stuff is finally packed, my Norwegian bank account no longer exists, I am leaving for Stockholm in mere hours, and will be home in four days. I can´t wait! Here is a list of things I look forward to back in A-town: 

 my family

 Reid, her car, and spending the night

 my cats

 Nic, and a bread-free breakfast

 the subaru, which better have been cleaned via my instructions (which took two hours to write.) You know who you are. 

my gloriously high school nostalgia bedroom

using dollars, not kroner

cheap everything

not having to check my cell phone balance every time i make a call

the Seward Highway

American radio

using Pantene shampoo

slightly socially awkward high school reunions

playing Rock Band

a lot of other things. 


 I´ll miss Norway, but due to my impending departure to Europe for more or less ever, I´m going to appreciate everything about being home while I have the chance.


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