surfing couches in Stockholm

  Location: Stockholm, Sweden. 

 Time: 04.10 (that´s AM, for the Americans in the audience)

 Today we (my CouchSurfing host and I) wandered the Old City and escaped a thunderstorm by eating ice cream, before going to a CouchSurfing grill party with like 30 other people from all over the world, which turned into a swimming party in the lake, which turned into an all-night party and we just now got home. It was so much fun. I love Stockholm and its many multicultural citizens!

 But the real news of the day – I made Serbian television. This story comes later, I have to sleep!

One thought on “surfing couches in Stockholm

  1. Du oppleve så utrolig mye artige, spennende og uvanlige ting :D
    Det må være “the secret” ;)
    Håpe du kose dæ videre i Stockholm!!
    Klæm <3

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