Good Morning Alaska

  I´m home! Smoke from forest fires fills the sky, Sarah Palin has resigned, and temperatures are the hottest since 2005! I have slipped back into my Alaskan life. Yesterday started off with breakfast at Snow City with Reid and Nic, shortly followed by an exciting rafting trip down Campbell Creek in inner tubes, aka a bath in pollution. I then got my hair cut, which according to the hairdresser, was a matter of desperate necessity. She described my hair with such words as “crunchy” and “wild”. No longer – with some new side-swept bangs, I now resemble Palin more than ever. Just what I need!

 A pile of mail was waiting for me upon my return, and among various letters and propaganda was a card revealing my blood type. I was immensely pleased to discover that I am, in fact, a universal donor. I can give blood to anyone, anywhere! True, this means my chances of receiving blood in case of an emergency are very small, but at least I can help save the world a little more than I thought I could. 

 The Norwegians are coming tonight. There´s so much to do!

2 thoughts on “Good Morning Alaska

  1. Hei Acacia! Godt å vite at du er kommet vel heim! Skal bygge opp en blogg på wordpress selv, litt etter samme prinsipper som du selv har lagt, for lettere å dele en del info som ikke går på det personlige planet, og kanskje først og fremst bilder … . Ha en god sommer. Vi koser oss akkurat nå på Sjøvegan i strålende sol! KJell

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