It´s not the USA, it´s Alaska

 It is currently 19.37 on Monday, August 3rd. I sit alone in my childhood home, snapping off stalks of an aloe vera plant and bathing in its contents. I have obtained the sunburn of the year, possibly the decade. However, three straight days of Alaskan sunshine are a rare sight, and are only to be taken full advantage of. It was worth it. 

  Considerable time has passed since my frequent updates, and with a new adventure on the horizon, it´s time to start again. Many memorable things have since taken place, and I´ll attempt to construct a patchwork of images and descriptions to document the glory of Alaskan summer (plus Norwegians). I move to Switzerland in 13 days, and there are so many small things to be done before I can finally pronounce myself ready to depart. I´m in the process of emptying my room of the unnecessary odds and ends I´ve collected throughout my life, packing while unpacking, enjoying the summer, working, and trying to chill out. It´s time-consuming. 

  Two days after my return to Alaska, I was joined by two friends from Norway, Natasha and Tredvin. We toured basically all that can be toured in Anchorage, Girdwood and Skilak Lake, and were definitely the best dressed – in costume! – at the premiere of a Harry Potter movie. We flew to Brooks Camp, saw grizzly bears and fished for king salmon. We hiked the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes. We jumped on belugas. We went to Denali National Park, saw the mountains and caribou, hiked and camped and ate incredible meals. We had a blast. Here are a few pictures to sum it up: 

  It was a grand escapade.


One thought on “It´s not the USA, it´s Alaska

  1. Sounds like the perfect “Laurie” summer! I’m sorry to have missed joining you on all these outings, but because I have been so fortunate to have already been, I am just envious and happy you could share these with your Norwegian friends! Your pictures are fabulous.
    However, I’ve seen your room and I do NOT envy your sorting/clearing/cleaning task!
    Are you taking before, during, and after phots of that event too?

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