Facebook: bringing pre-school back

  When I was young, as in around 6 or 7, my brother was still in preschool. He had a best friend, Timmy, who remains his best friend to this day. These two boys had an enemy in preschool: Taylor Rosen. I have no idea who this person is, yet his name was a figure of general disapproval in our household for several years. Then over a decade passed. All of this had slipped my mind entirely until, while browsing the ever-enchanting Facebook Home Page today,  I discovered this message: 

  Acacia´s Brother -> Timmy: 

“So Taylor Rosen accepted my friend request. Said he didn’t remember much from back then, but yes, he went to pre-school in Alaska so it was probably true. He said that he truly apologized for whatever he may have done to us, and that he’s matured. He asked for my forgiveness. Then I deleted him out of vengeance.”

  Things like this lead me to ponder the wisdom of online social networking, but it did make me laugh.


2 thoughts on “Facebook: bringing pre-school back

  1. Har du facebookside, — og skal vi bli “venna”. Daria kommer onsdag, skal ta siste året her i Narvik, Lina M kjørte vi til Tromsø i dag, no begynner hverdagen. Klem, glad i deg, og lykke til i Sveits.

  2. Hei Gunn!! Æ tror at vi er faktisk venner på facebook! Du må gå inn på min side og sjekke… æ ser ihvertfall dine statuser og sånt. Så bra at Daria fikk komme tilbake! Håper at dåkker har det fint :) Stor klem, glad i dæ også! Hils alle sammen!

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