Eight days and counting!

   Why can´t I update my blog like normal? It probably has something to do with the fact that the answer to Where Is Acacia is simply, at home, cleaning her room. This doesn´t seem to spark any kind of profound inspiration. It has, however, dawned on me that this room has not been thoroughly cleaned, to the core, since approximately 1996. So “cleaning my room” has a bit more meaning than usual. It´s a multiple-week project. I´ve uncovered incredible amounts of ancient artwork, hand-written stories and hundreds of letters, seven large trash bags of junk, four large trash bags of clothing I no longer want, and pretty much everything I ever mentally labeled “lost”. The most disturbing part, however, came from reading those stories – despite embarrassingly pointless plots, my writing style and depth of vocabulary were immensely better when I was, say, thirteen. What happened!? I also uncovered papers written in Japanese and Spanish – the Spanish one was a complex story involving a secret agent´s quest to destroy secret documents. Where oh where have these skills gone!? Only one thought remains comforting: I wasn´t fluent in Norwegian when I was fifteen, now was I?

  Life stands as a cycle of exercise, work at the dental office, packing for college, and cleaning my room. Social activity is sprinkled sparingly amidst the mix, but productivity is at a high. I leave for Switzerland in 8 days, and today is nearing its end, so basically, a week. Things could not be headed in a more interesting direction right now. I can´t wait!

Believe it or not, I´m actually still working on my Stockholm blog post. It´s going to be really long, but detailed, and I would like to remember that remarkable weekend as well as possible. For now, here are some more pictures of the Norwegians´ visit (aka the interesting part of the summer!)

Tredvin was such a good Draco Malfoy.


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