Goodbye America!

  Once again, I am leaving Alaska and the United States. This is no surprise. My new destination: Switzerland, where I will attend college for the next four years!

  Through some kind of miracle, I´ve done it. I´ve fit more or less everything I own into two bags that can be carried simultaneously! Only problem is, I look ridiculous doing it. My backpack is almost as big as I am, my rolling suitcase is over 60 pounds, and my purse has a Nalgene water bottle strapped to it. Then, if I want to carry my carry-on backpack as well, I have to wear it backwards, on my chest. Behold, a ridiculous image! However, being able to transport all of my necessary belongings for an entire year all by myself? Priceless. Especially in Milan, apparently. 

  To celebrate my departure from this state, country, and side of the planet, today I was chosen to participate in releasing a bald eagle back into the wild. It was slightly alarming upon initial flight, but really, incredibly cool. What a send-off!


  Now, to clean my room to the state in which I wish to see it at Christmas.


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