On the subconscious achievement of seemingly insignificant goals

  An abstract thought has crossed my mind.

   I experienced a distant flashback this morning of myself, at perhaps fifteen or sixteen years old, confiding in someone about some trivial items on my Life Goals List. My then-aspiration, of someday being featured in the newspaper, came up. Whoever it was (and this I cannot recall), laughed at my “unimportant” dream. There were better things I could focus on, I was told. Importance does not matter. A dream is a dream, and looking back on this, the events of the past years flood my mind. I have worked as a journalist in a foreign country, in a foreign language. One series of photographs for a newspaper drew 52,000 views in the course of three days. I have been featured on the front page of three newspapers, multiple times, concerning significant achievements and events. That tiny thought on that list of infinite scale has been not only crossed off, but has evolved into a sequence of wonderful memories and a characteristic of myself as an individual. This raises a question:

   What if every dream can be achieved at this scale, with such beneficial results?


4 thoughts on “On the subconscious achievement of seemingly insignificant goals

  1. you’re doing e you great; we love to hear from you! Keep dreaming and communicating. I had the delight of a visit from your family just a few days ago. Your dad took me flying, and then Laurie and myself for dinner with him, Devin, and your mom…..all looking great! I love you. Grandma

  2. This is Daddy. You are getting it. The goals you set and the dreams you dream become your future. Aim high, look far and create the life you dream of….

    xxoo- Daddy

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