Bellinzona in Black and White

   The atmosphere of glorious summer sun, epic mountainous beauty and tropical paradise has faded into a torrential downpour of rain that drowns all scenery into a murky wall of turbulent grey. I spent quite some time today talking to Greg about how little things like that can play such a part in people’s moods. It’s interesting. One day you can spend in class, go to a party, and still be super excited about climbing a mountain in the middle of the night. The next, you just want to curl up under the covers and drink tea all day.
   Needless to say, the endorphin rush of living here has faded with the sunshine (but will hopefully soon return). I wake up, study, go to class, study, eat, and sleep. The question “what can you do in Lugano when it’s raining?” never occurred to me because there is simply so much to be done when it’s not. Oh well. There isn’t much time anyway.

  On a brighter note, this Saturday was spent at the beautiful Bellinzona Wine Festival! Free wine tastings all afternoon, ancient castles, and a train ride out of town that I wasn’t even aware I needed. (Feeling kind of black and white today, to match the weather.)

  Enough procrastinating . It’s time for the endless mountains of homework that await me. Greg noted on his blog – you know how some people live paycheck to paycheck? It’s like that with homework. That wave of relief at finishing a huge project lasts all of five minutes before another one is assigned with an intimidating due date.


One thought on “Bellinzona in Black and White

  1. The new always fades quicker than we want it too. I’ve been here in Germany for almost a year now and the new has faded away as well as my sunshine. I’ve said that too many times. The weather affects my mood very much so. It’s not a great day for me here when its rainy and cloudy out, which is about 85% of the time. You are right, there is so much to do here in Europe when its not murky and depressing out.

    Awesome that you treated yourself to a free wine tasting. Those are always fun. I’m well overdue for one myself. No wine vineyards here close by in South Germany, that I know about at least.

    You have such fun photos as well as the blog. I’m now hooked on it. Thanks! =)

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