Cobblestone courtyard photoshoot

I don’t know what happened. My blog view statistics were averaging approximately 30 views per day. I was pleased with that. Suddenly, yesterday’s post got over 1,200 views! Can anyone tell me how this happened?!

Yesterday after school, beautiful Quinn modeled for a photoshoot in our cobblestone courtyard.

I am off to Interlaken. Kyle has given me a knife to defend myself with for the weekend. Ready for adventure!

8 thoughts on “Cobblestone courtyard photoshoot

  1. The new hits were because you were featured on sign in page on Thursday. That’s how I found you. Liking the blog and will probably stay and read awhile.

  2. Amazing photos, acacia… I thought it was you on the first one.. by the way it looks like you have summer all year in switzeland… but I guess these are taken in italy :P

    Love from Nina :)

  3. gigi: Thank you for letting me know! How exciting, I had no idea.

    Nina: Tusen takk :) It seems like it’s summer all year here… I feel like it should be snowing and still I walk to school every morning in shorts and sandals!! It’s almost October! The pictures were taken right outside my apartment :P Savne dæ!! Det va så utrolig artig på hovefestivalen. Håper du har d bra på skola <3

  4. Flotte bilda! =D Likte spesielt det med mønsteret i brosteinen som leder mot avløpet!
    Skulle ønske sommeren varte like lenge her nord. I dag kom det snø langt nedover fjellan…

  5. Takk!! Men æ vil jo ha snø! Det er nesten OKTOBER og fortsatt for varmt for å være ute i sola :S Savne vinter!!! Og dæ!

  6. Wow—
    never traveled in Europe. Your photography and writing are inspiring. Makes me want to go and eat at McDonalds–see the art–ride the trains–wander.

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